The Philippine’s most popular AutoCAD alternative will be releasing its 2018 Version soon. Developed to handle bigger .DWG files, this version pegs to be the most robust yet.

progeCAD 2018 will deliver major refinements for many progeCAD features. Currently these improvements introduce a brand new 3D rendering system from Artisan, completely re-written MTEXT, REFEDIT, RENAME and ARRAY command interfaces.

3D scan data will now be directly accepted from several more formats including .ply and vanilla .xyz files. Existing functionality will also be greatly expanded in a number of key areas, such as Workspace management, fading controls for XREF, REFEDIT and LAYERS.

New commands VPMAX, VPMIN, TEXTFRONT and more. progeCAD 2018 will also add support for many new system variables like DIMLAYER, HPLAYER, CACHEFILES and HPTRASPARENCY usage. Improving on it’s display features which helps ease in new users to the software.

progeCAD will now support reading many more file formats from Microstation (.dgn,.lib,.rdl,.cel) and can snap to UNDERLAY entities. progeCAD 2017 was the first version to offer the new RIBBON interface. The progeCAD 2018 interface will add controls for Toolbar locking, Contextual Ribbons and a PathWatcher for control of a folder for automatic dwg opening.

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